Business Support

We Provide Business Support Services For Small Business

Isn’t everyone talking about going virtual? Why stay behind? Partner with us and in return get an entire global workforce, specialized in diverse competencies to join your team without actually having to even meet them. Virtual engagement was not a new concept even when we began in 2005. But our key differentiation was, and still is, our mission to be champion for small businesses. Though we have the wherewithal and do engage from time-to-time with clients of all sizes and ages, our focus is on small businesses.

NJ’S Business Solutions creates a win-win solution for small businesses with:

  • A skilled team with experience in diverse functional areas & industries led by a managerial team with expert knowledge and experience in serving small businesses.
  • Sound background und knowledge of business
  • Well evolved processes for every activity, continuously improved on for efficiency
  • System to handle multiple projects for clients all over the world
  • Long-term focus
  • Commitment to quality, cost and time

Who Can Engage with NJ’S Business Solutions?

Any business or individual can use our services. However, given our focus on small businesses, our organizational structure, and how we work. Our services are more appealing to businesses looking for following services in particular:

  • Preparation of Business Policies and Procedures for Start-ups and Existing Businesses
  • Market Analysis Summaries for relevant industries
  • Collection and analysis of data to prepare final summary report
  • Product/Services specific recommendation reports based on collected data for standard, quality and services provision enhancement.