Admin Support

Administrative & Research Support

Our administrative support services are ideal for businesses of all sizes. Our flexible approach means you can use our admin services on a pay-as-you-go, fixed price or contract basis making us an ideal choice for small business, sole traders and self-employed people.
We offer a full complement of admin support services to help keep your business running smoothly. Below is a list of the most common aspects of admin support we provide, however, if you need help with something not listed, e would be pleased to hear from you and sure we can Tailor Make a support package to meet your needs.

admin support

Admin support services include:

Data entry

Virtual assistants

Spreadsheet production

Desk research

Digital Archiving


General office

Order Processing

Communications management

Any business or individual can use our services

  • Preparation of Business Policies and Procedures for Start-ups and Existing Businesses
  • Market Analysis Summaries for relevant industries
  • Collection and analysis of data to prepare final summary report
  • Product/Services specific recommendation reports based on collected data for standard, quality and services provision enhancement.